Mid/Low-Temp RetarderC-H210L

  • C-H210Linclude C-H210L(standard type)and C-H210L-W(freeze proof type).
  • C-H210L can extend viscosity time of water slurry in 30℃-110℃, with strong regulative, no reCect to other functions, preparing slurry with fresh water or salty water or sea water can be available.
Item Index Index
Type C-H210L(Standard) C-H210L-W(Freeze proofing)
Appearance Dark red Liquid Brown Liquid
Density,g/cm3 1.05±0.05 1.0±0.05
Solubility in water,% 100 100
Freeze,℃ 0 -15
Cement slurry function
Item Index Experiment condition
Viscosified time,min ≥240 80℃,35MPa/40min
Initial viscosity,Bc ≤30 80℃,35MPa/40min
Cement slurry consititute:100% G Class cement(sulfur proofing)+40.0%fixed water+4.0%C-G311L+1.0% C-H210L+0.5%C-X60L。    
  • Temp:30℃-110℃(BHCT)。
  • Adding:Recommend adding0.1%-3.0%(BWOC)。
  • C-H210L25Lor 200Lplastic barrel,or customer requirement