High-temp RetarderC-H410L

  • C-H410L include C-H410L(standard type)and C-H410L-W(freeze proof type)。
  • C-H410L polymer type retarder,a larger temp range, can extend viscosity time of cement slurry in high temperature, with strong regulative, no special requirement to water condition, preparing slurry with fresh water or salty water can be available.
Physical and chemical index
Item Index Index
Type C-H410L(Standard) C-H410L-W(Freeze proofing)
Appearance Colorless to buff transparent liquid Colorless to buff transparent liquid
Density,g/cm3 1.05±0.05 1.05±0.05
Solubility in water,% 100 100
Freeze,℃ 0 -15
Cement slurry function
Item Index Experiment condition
Viscosified time,min ≥240 150℃,70MPa/75min
Initial viscosity,Bc ≤30 150℃,70MPa/75min
Cement slurry consititute:100% G Class cement(sulfur proofing)+35.0% 300mesh silicon powder+48.0%mixed water+5.0%C-G311L+2.0% C-H410L+0.5%C-X60L。    
  • Temperature:93℃-250℃(BHCT).
  • Adding:Recommend adding1.5%-6.0%(BWOC).
  • C-H410L25Lor 200L plastic barrel,or customer requirement.