Anti-Gas Reinforcing Agent C-MB20L

  • C-MB20L, is a kind of nanometer material with uniform and stable properties. It has a high specific surface area, which makes it have a strong ability to adsorb water, can effectively bind the gap water in the cement slurry, control and reduce the free liquid, can rapidly improve the cementitious speed of the cement slurry, and the transition time is short. It has good anti-channeling performance. The "focus point" of the cross bonding surface can be increased, the bonding quality and bonding force can be improved, and the bonding quality of the cement interface can be greatly improved.
  • Temperature:≤180℃(BHCT)
  • Addition:Recommend addition1.0~3.0%(BWOC).
Physics & Chemic Index
Item Index
Appearance White liquid
Density,g/cm3 1.35-1.40
PH(finished product) 9-10
Solid content,% 45-50
Pour Point,℃ (winter) <-15.0
  • C-MB20L,using20kgbarrel, or according to customers’ requirement.
  • Ventilated, cool, dry condition, avoid of shining and raining. Guarantee period in 12 months. (In winter, the lowest temperature below the pour point, texting indoor before using again.)