Anti-ChannelingAgent C-GR10

  • C-GR10, Butyl benzene emulsion, plays a role in reducing filtration loss and preventing air-channeling.
Performance characteristics
  • Good ability to prevent channeling;
  • Have a certain ability to reduce water loss;
  • Improve the compactness of cement paste and reduce the permeability of cement paste.
  • Improve the corrosion resistance of cement paste;
  • Improve the toughness and elasticity of cement stone;
  • The temperature has a wide range of applications and good temperature and salt resistance.
Physics & Chemic Index
Item Index
Appearance Milky white liquid
Density(20℃),g/cm3 1.00~1.10
Odor Light irritative
PH 6.0~9.0

Usage & Attention
  • Add into water and mixed in advance;
  • Temperature:25~150℃(BHCT);
  • Addition:Recommend addition 5.0~20%(BWOC);
  • Not suitable to be used with polyacid dispersing agent.
  • C-GR10,using50L/200Lbarrel, or according to customers’ requirement.
  • using50KG/200KG barrel, or according to customers’ requirement.
  • Keep far away from lighting fire,strong oxidant, high temperature environment
  • Guarantee period in 24 months.