Cement Stone PreservativeC-GR20

  • C-GR20, A emulsion epoxy resin composite anticorrosive material has little effect on the thickening time and compressive strength of cement slurry. There are no special requirements for the quality of pulp. It can be used with latex, and has good anticorrosion and anti-channeling effect.
  • emperature:20~150℃(BHCT);
  • Addition:Recommend addition 1.0~5%(BWOC)
  • Compatibility with cement slurry should be texted before using.
Physics & Chemic Index
Item Index
Appearance Milky white liquid, no caking
Density,g/cm3 1.05-1.10
Nonvolatile matter,% ≥55
Solubility Noflocculation

  • C-GR20,usingplastic barrel, 25kgbarrel, or according to customers’ requirement.
  • Ventilated, cool, dry condition, avoid of shining and raining. Guarantee period in24months