Anti-High Temp Fluid Loss AgentC-G411S

  • C-G411S is a copolymer well cement fluid loss agent. Assemble of AMPS and N,Ndimethylacrylamide (DMAA),well anti- temperature and anti-salty as main monomer and others monomers of anti-salty. Molecules contain quantity of perssad of -CONH2、-SO3H、-COOH with strong absorption, have important function on anti-salt, anti-temperature, absorb free-water, fluid losing.
  • C-G411Scan be widely used in various kinds of cement slurry system, good compatibleness with other additives.
  • C-G411Scan be used in a wide temperature range, anti-temp upto 230℃, well flowability, stable, few dissociated liquid, non-retard, intensity grow fast. It can be used to make cement slurry system with fresh water or salt water, no specific requirement to water quality of making up slurry.
Physical &Chemical Index
Item Index
Appearance White powder
Soluablity,% 100
Moisture,% ≤5.0
Cement Slurry Function
Item Specific Experiment Condition
Fluid Loss,mL ≤50 80℃,6.9MPa
Thickness time,min ≥60 80℃,45MPa/45min
Initial ,Bc ≤25 80℃,45MPa/45min
Compression strength,MPa ≥14 80℃,normal pressure,24h
Free water,mL ≤1.0 80℃,normal pressure
Cement slurry compose:100% G class cement(highly anti sulfur)+44.0%fresh water+0.9%C-G411S+0.5%C-X60L。    
  • Temperature:230℃(BHCT)below。
  • Addition:Recommend addition0.5%-2.0%(BWOC)。
  • C-G411Susing 25kg polyethylene compound paper bag, or according to customers’ requirement.
  • C-G411Scan be made up in liquid, the code is C-G411L(normal)C-G411L-W(freezing proofing)