Anti-High Temp Fluid Loss Agent C-G413S

  • C-G413S is equal with H413 of Halliburton, a fluid loss additive of humic acid and AMPS graft polymer, it can strongly control fluid loss, fast grow intensity, keep low free water. It can be widely used in various kinds of cement slurry system.
  • Applicable to fresh water as far as full salt water.
  • Keep suspension stability of cement slurry system in high temperature.
  • Addition is insensitive,no point of mutation,well compatibleness with other additives.
  • Common temperature~180℃(BHCT).
  • Recommend addition:0.5-2%(BWOC).
Physics&Chemic Index
Item Index
Appearance Black Solid
Solubility,% ≥95
Rheological property90℃ Φ3≤15/Φ6≤20
Fluid loss(80℃,6.9MPa,30min),mL ≤50
Cement slurry compose:100%“G”cement+44%fresh water+0.9%fluid loss agent C-G413S+0.5%defoamer C-X60L  
  • C-G413Susing 25kg polyethylene compound paper bag, or according to customers’ requirement.
  • Stored in ventilated, cool, dry condition, avoid of shining and raining. Guarantee period in 24 months.
  • C-G511Scan be made up in liquid, the code is C-G511L(normal type)C-G511L-W(freezing proofing type.