Insulating AgentC-S10S

  • C-S10Sis composed of multiple copolymers, strong suspension, well compatibility, insulate drilling fluid and cement slurry efficiently when replace drilling fluid, prevent cement slurry of mixing with drilling fluids. Density from 1.0g/cm3 - 2.2g/cm3, insulating fluids come static after 24 hours, density mistake <0.10g/cm3.
  • Temperature≤120℃(BHCT)
  • Recommend addition:2-5%(BWOW)
  • Compatibility experiment with cement slurry before using.
Physics & Chemic Index
Item Index
Appearance Faint yellow powder
Density,g/cm3 1.02-1.07
Solubility(cool water) Completely soluble
  • C-S10Susing 25kg polyethylene compound paper bag, or according to customers’ requirement.
  • Ventilated, cool, dry condition, avoid of shining and raining. Guarantee period in 12 months.