Mid-Low Temp Fluid Loss Agent C-G447S

  • C-G447S is equal to H447 of Halliburton, a poval fluid loss additive, it can firm film to control fluid loss, fast grow intensity in early stage, can be in well common using. It can be widely used in various kinds of cement slurry system.
  • Reduce fluid loss of cementing fluid obviously, can be limited in 50ml, according to adding usage, can be limited in 30ml. Little influence on thickness time, fast grow intensity in early stage.
  • Mixed in dryness to useCommon temperature~900℃(BHCT);
  • Recommend addition:0.5-3.0%(W/C=0.44)
  • Use drag reduction agent of Aldehyde and ketone condensate, to be better effect.
Technical Specification
Physics &Chemic Index
Item Index
Appearance White or brown powder
Density,g/cm3 2.2-2.3
Cementing Slurry function index
Item Index
Fluid loss,ml(27℃,6.9MPa,30min) ≤50
Thickness time,min(27℃,15MPa) ≤150
Initial Thickness,BC ≤30
Compression Strength,MPa(27℃,24h,normal pressure) ≥14
Free fluid,% ≤1.4
  • C-G447S using 25kg polyethylene compound paper bag, or according to customers’ requirement.
  • Ventilated, cool, dry condition, avoid of shining and raining. Guarantee period in 12 months.