Anti-High Temp & Salt Fluid Loss AgentC-G211S

  • C-G211Sis a copolymer well cement fluid loss agent. Assemble of AMPS, well anti- temperature and anti-salt as main monomer and others monomers of anti-salt. Molecules contain quantity of perssad of -CONH2、-SO3H、-COOH with strong absorption, have important function on anti-salt, anti-temperature, absorb free-water, fluid losing.
  • C-G211S can be widely used in various kinds of cement slurry system, good compatibleness with other additives.
  • C-G211Scan be used in a wide temperature range, anti-temp to 180℃, well flowability, stable, few free liquid, no- coagulation delaying, intensity grow fast. It can be used to make cement slurry system with fresh water or salt water, no specific requirement to water quality of making up slurry.
Item Index
Appearance White powder
Solubility,% 100
Moisture,% ≤5.0
 Cement Slurry Function
Item Specific Experiment Condition
Fluid Loss,mL ≤50 80℃,6.9MPa
Thickness time,min ≥60 80℃,45MPa/45min
Initial thickness,Bc ≤25 80℃,45MPa/45min
Compression strength,MPa ≥14 80℃,normal pressure,24h
Free water, ml ≤1.0 80℃,normal pressure
Cement slurry compose:100% G class cement(highly anti sulfur)+44.0%fresh water+0.9%C-G411S+0.5% C-X60L。    
  • Temperature:180℃(BHCT)below.
  • Addition:Recommend addition 0.5%-2.0%(BWOC).
  • C-G211S using 25kg polyethylene compound paper bag, or according to customers’ requirement.
  • C-G211S can be made up in liquid, the code is C-G211L(normal)C-G211L-W(freezing proof)