The company always takes``scientific research and development'' as the core competitiveness of development. Therefore, the Company has invested a large amount of funds for the introduction of talents and equipment. At present, the company has employed a number of well-known chemical experts at home and abroad, and has a high-education R&D team that is united and up, brave to explore and hard work experience. Introduce world-class experimental equipment and advanced production line. It can be said that the company has become an innovative technology company integrating chemical research, technology development and product application. . System products developed by the company:EXCEL form.

Main Product List of TianjinJin HaiLi New Material Technology     Co., Ltd
序号 产品名称 英文名称 产品代号
1 中低温缓凝剂 Mid/Low-Temp Retarder C-H210L
2 高温缓凝剂 High-Temp RetarderRetarder C-H410L
3 水基抑制型冲洗液 Water based Inhibiting Flush Agent C-W100L
4 油基泥浆冲洗液 Oil base mud flush agent C-W110L
5 分散型降失水剂 Dispersing Fluid Loss Agent C-G511S
6 高温抗盐降失水剂 High-temp Anti-salt Fluid Loss Agent C-G411S
7 高温抗盐降失水剂 High-temp Anti-salt Fluid Loss Agent C-G413S
8 隔离液添加剂  Spacer Agent C-S10S
9 隔离液添加剂  Spacer Agent C-S20S
10 中低温降失水剂 Cementing Fluid Loss Agent C-G447S
11 分散剂 Cementing Dispersant Agent C-F40L
12 分散剂 Cementing Dispersant Agent C-F41L
13 分散剂 Cementing Dispersant Agent C-F42L
14 高温抗盐降失水剂 Fluid loss agent C-G211S
15 消泡剂 Defoamer C-X610L
16 防窜增强剂 Anti-channeling reinforcing Agent C-MB10L
17 防窜增强剂 Anti-channeling reinforcing Agent C-MB20L
18 防气窜剂 Anti-gas channeling agent C-GR10
19 水泥石防腐剂 Cement stone preservative  C-GR20
20 防窜型降失水剂 Anti-channeling fluid loss agent C-G344S